4 Reasons to Use Pink in Your Wedding Decor

If you think pink as a decor color choice is about the garish, bright shades that little girls love, think again. Pink is all grown up and trending in wedding decor, ceremony, outfit and flower ideas. Still not convinced? Consider these four compelling reasons to incorporate pink into your wedding style and decor:

1. It Fits Today’s Wedding Styles and Themes

There are a number of wedding style trends that pink can help you to achieve. For example, many of today’s brides are breaking with the tradition of wearing white and opting for a subtle color instead. Pink is one of the ways they are accomplishing it, choosing a very subtle shade of pink just a couple steps up from white. Pink is also a very fitting color for bohemian, garden and Parisian themes, which are trending right now.

pink wedding

2. An Impressive Array of Shades

While you might have just one color association with pink, the truth is that it comes in a wide variety of beautiful shades, so there’s sure to be one that fits your taste and style. From light salmon to champagne to antique pink to pink-mauve to pastel melon, today’s pink in wedding ceremony and reception decor is subtle, understated and classy.

pink wedding

3. The Flower Options Are Endless

Choosing pink as one of your wedding colors opens you up to a seemingly endless array of flower choices and combinations. A long list of wedding flowers come in pink, including roses, lilies, tulips, gerbera daisies, mums, peonies, carnations, and many more. Consider going with all-subtle shades of pink in your wedding flowers, or use contrasting shades of deeper and light pink. White and light ivory can work very well as accent flowers in pink accented bridal bouquets as well.

pink wedding

4. Ideal Wedding Symbolism

Pink also has meaning and symbolism that’s perfect for couples just getting their start in life. Pink is emblematic of unconditional love, which is what all newlyweds should aspire to now and as the years go by. Pink symbolizes the softer, more nurturing side of love as well as compassion, kindness, understanding and forgiveness.

pink wedding

Pink is back in style in wedding decor, with subtle, gorgeous shades to please any taste. Consider these four reasons to use pink in your wedding ceremony and reception decor, and contact Conklyn’s Wedding and Events to place your wedding flower order.