New Wedding Trends Making Their Entrance in 2022

The clock struck midnight, fireworks filled the sky, and pots and pans were loudly ringing in the New Year! In 2022 we are welcoming more than new beginnings, we are also welcoming new and returning wedding and event trends that you don’t want to miss out on. Take a look as the trusted professionals here at Conklyn’s Weddings and Events share some of our favorite trends that you will certainly see this year in 2022!

New Trends for 2022 Weddings


Curated Guest Lists

Gone are the days when brides and grooms were expected to invite everyone and their cousin to their wedding. Whether the pandemic has opened our eyes to small, intimate, micro weddings or the trend of quality over quantity has taken over the spotlight, most couples are sticking to a guest list of 35-70 people.


Romantic path to wedding banquet in beautiful green garden

Natural Elements & Inspiration from Mother Nature

Another trend that looks like it is here to stay is utilizing natural elements and incorporating Mother Nature into wedding decor and details. A growing amount of couples in 2022 are tying the knot at venues with breathtaking views, in the mountains, in a garden, on a beach, or by bringing the outside in. This year, weddings are also utilizing more lush greenery, luxurious flower and botanicals, and incorporating more wooden elements.



Quality Over Quantity

With a smaller group of loved ones receiving wedding invitations, 2022 is also the year that couples are prioritizing the quality of their celebration. A smaller guest count means that brides and grooms have a larger budget to go towards their favorite linens, magnificent centerpieces, the perfect entertainment, customized menu, and other unique personal touches. 


Closeup of white wedding cake with flowers on top. cake on the cake-shelf. white milk cream. cake decorated with pink and purple flowers

Cakes of Art

In previous years, we have marveled over doughnut walls, cupcake towers, and fun alternatives to traditional wedding cakes. However, 2022 is welcoming back a single cake with open arms and turning this tasty ritual into unbelievable works of art. Adorned with flowers, vivid colors, and dramatic details, you will be left wondering if you should indulge or call the local museum. 


Romantic outdoor wedding in the old greenhouse- white tablecloth, empty glasses, white table setting, wild fresh flowers

Weekday Weddings

This 2022 wedding trend is partly out of necessity. Couples who plan to wed in 2022 will surely be competing with brides and grooms planning their “wedding redo” or postponed wedding of 2020 and 2021. This makes the likelihood of securing your dream venue on a Saturday quite challenging. Therefore, weekday weddings are increasing in popularity, and couples are glad to reap the benefits of a less expensive wedding day as well as a celebration that will last three to four days!


Wedding on the beach. Beautiful wedding arch, decorated with flowers

Bold & Vibrant Colors Are Back

Pops of bright and bold hues are back for 2022 weddings. Whether through bridal party attire, linens and decor, or floral bouquets and arrangements, vivid colors and uplighting tones are replacing some of the more muted and pastel color palettes.


Wedding. Banquet. Mr. and Mrs. signs on wooden board decorated by flowers and greenery and lounge zone including chairs and tables.

Statement Pieces

Comfortable and elaborate lounges, vintage or antique items, floral wall installations, or other statement pieces that bring personality, style, and enhanced guest experience into a wedding are on-trend for 2022. Brides and grooms are creating statement pieces to not only elevate the look and feel of their wedding but to incorporate more of their personalities into their big day. 


Festive wedding table setting with flowers, napkins, cutlery, glasses and candles, bright summer table decor.

Loose, Airy, Fresh Flower Designs

Wedding flower trends of 2022 continue to move away from perfectly round or symmetrical designs and embrace the natural, loose, airy, fresh, and free-spirited style. Find large flowy flower arrangements on tables, hanging from the ceiling or tent, or creating a whimsical backdrop or floral wall.


Handsome groom kissing blonde beautiful bride in magical fairy tale carriage in sunlit park

Bridgerton Inspired Style

One of the most popular wedding themes of 2022 takes inspiration from one of the most popular Netflix series of 2021, Bridgerton. With its Regency-era style paired with romance and glamour, brides and grooms are opting for grand ballrooms and buildings with historic and ornate architecture. The finishing touches will come from lavish floral arrangements and fresh blooms to allow couples to feel like the kings and queens themselves.

It’s clear the trend for weddings in 2022 and beyond includes lots of natural elements, personal touches, and an experience to remember. For more professional insight on wedding trends, guidance, and the most showstopping and brilliant wedding flowers in Alexandria, VA, don’t hesitate to call the trusted designers at Conklyn’s Weddings & Events