The Perfect Alternatives to Popular Wedding Blooms

The vision you have for your wedding is sure to be unique and specific to your style and personality. Here at Conklyn’s Weddings & Events, we do everything in our power to ensure this vision is brought to life and exceeds expectations. However, as seasons change, availability fluctuates, and budgets are respected, making a few tweaks to your floral content in centerpieces, ceremony arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres may be necessary. There is no need to worry or fret if this is the case! Below is a list of beautiful and suitable options for common wedding flower substitutes. 

The bride's bouquet of peonies


Soft, romantic, and luxurious peonies are a coveted and beloved flower that many couples and florists include in wedding arrangements and bridal bouquets. With their popularity and allure, these stems are always in high demand and usually come at a higher price. When peonies are unavailable or out of budget, we recommend looking at ranunculus, garden roses, carnations, dahlias, or double tulips. 

Beautiful colorful dahlias flowers in woman hands close up in rustic room. Florist in linen dress hiding behind beautiful autumn bouquet. Atmospheric aesthetic image. Autumn season in countryside


Dahlias are unique in that their symmetrical, bold, quirky, eye-catching petals can also elegant, soft, and sophisticated. Florists and couples have a great range of colors to choose from, including graceful white, pastel pink, deep red, and even bi-colored dahlias. If you need alternatives to this favorite wedding bloom, turn your attention to zinnias, football mums, cremone mums, or protea.

pink and white anemones in glass vase. Bunch pastel color. the concept of a florist in a flower shop. Wallpaper.


Elegant, airy, whimsical, simple, yet bold and showstopping, anemones are another popular wedding flower. No matter the bouquet or arrangement, these blooms are undoubtedly eye-catching. However, their sweet but small size and potential lack of availability may concern some couples and florists. We suggest zinnias, gerbera daisies, poppies, hellebores, and ranunculus when looking for substitutions to seamlessly replace anemones. 

Bunch of fresh delphinium. Woman florist holds a bouquet of delphinium. gradient flowers from blue to purple


Larkspur offers a dreamy pop of blue, purple, pink, or white accent to any wedding bouquet, centerpiece, or ceremony arrangement. Its unique shape coupled with its height will add stylish texture and charming levels among the other contents in the floral design. Depending on your desires and needs, larkspur can also be swapped for matthiolas, snapdragons, gladioli, daisies, poppies, or anemones. 

Bride holding baby breath's gypsophila bouquet , close up

Baby’s Breath 

Baby’s Breath certainly had its moment in the spotlight with its loose, rustic, airy, free, playful, simple, and quaint look and feel. As the trend of baby’s breath slowly begins to fade, we still love to capture the same style and fashion that we have grown to adore with other plants and flowers. These might include waxflower, Queen Anne’s lace, Leptospermum, rice flower, chamomile, Limonium, and heather. 

Woman in White Blouse Holding Pampas Grass. Lifestyle.Reed Plume Stem, Dried Pampas Grass, Decorative Feather Plant Arrangement for Home, Trendy Home Decor.

Pampas Grass 

One of today’s wedding floral trends includes pampas grass in bouquets, arrangements, and centerpieces. Their carefree and boho, yet chic and classy appearance can give any floral design a fresh look and feel, even among timeless and elegant stems. While the popularity of pampas grass is growing, it is a good idea to have alternatives at the ready in case availability is low. Substitutes that bring the same flair as pampas grass are oriental feather grass, feather reed grass, muhly grass, and stypha grass. 

Wedding planning and working with your florist to bring your wedding dreams to life can no doubt feel a little stressful. As you go through the process of selecting and designing your wedding flowers, stumbling upon a snag like budget and availability should not cause you further stress or sleepless nights. Instead, the experts here at Conklyn’s Weddings & Events are ready to go with brilliant alternatives and simple suggestions for substituting popular wedding blooms.