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Why fresh flowers are best for your wedding

Five Reasons Why Fresh Wedding Flowers Are Essential For Your Decor

When it comes to your wedding, fresh flowers are simply unbeatable! Since the beginning of time, Ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek brides would collect herbs, spices, and wildflowers and held them close during their wedding. While this tradition of bridal bouquets stems from warding off evil spirits, it has evolved into one of the most […]

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2021 Year in Review Wedding Stats and Trends

How Will Your Wedding Compare to These 2021 Wedding Stats?

The wedding industry certainly saw some of the most interesting times in history over the last few years. Weddings in 2021 looked a lot different from weddings in 2020, 2019, and so on. What makes 2021 weddings so unique and fascinating and how will they impact future weddings like yours? The wedding experts and your […]

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2022 Wedding Trends

New Wedding Trends Making Their Entrance in 2022

The clock struck midnight, fireworks filled the sky, and pots and pans were loudly ringing in the New Year! In 2022 we are welcoming more than new beginnings, we are also welcoming new and returning wedding and event trends that you don’t want to miss out on. Take a look as the trusted professionals here […]

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Smart swaps for popular event flowers

The Perfect Alternatives to Popular Wedding Blooms

The vision you have for your wedding is sure to be unique and specific to your style and personality. Here at Conklyn’s Weddings & Events, we do everything in our power to ensure this vision is brought to life and exceeds expectations. However, as seasons change, availability fluctuates, and budgets are respected, making a few […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Winter Wedding Bouquets

Nothing is more cozy, whimsical, heartwarming, or magical than a breathtaking winter wedding. Whether you bring elements of the brisk season inside with white birch, pine branches, and holiday flocking or set the scene outside in a snow-covered street as you adorn yourselves in faux fur or velvet, this picture-perfect affair is one you and […]

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Five Inspiring Fall Wedding Blooms

When selecting the perfect wedding or event date, couples often take into consideration the season they want to celebrate. The past few years have proved that fall is a popular choice based on the refreshing weather, the breathtaking foliage, and the calm and warmth we tend to feel during autumn. Another factor that plays into […]

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Tips for Transforming a Tent into the Perfect Event or Wedding Venue

Deciding on the best venue for your wedding or event isn’t always easy, which is why many people are choosing to host their celebrations under a tent in their own backyard or favorite outside space. Weddings and events held in a tent offer a lot of opportunity and room to create a truly beautiful, unique, […]

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Unique Centerpieces for Your Big Celebration or Event

Bringing your wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, birthday celebration, or even corporate event to life starts with your tablescapes and centerpieces. While your favorite flowers will certainly play a role in creating the perfect look and feel, your personality, individual style, and specific celebration theme can also influence the types of unique, creative, and eclectic […]

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