Tips for Transforming a Tent into the Perfect Event or Wedding Venue

Deciding on the best venue for your wedding or event isn’t always easy, which is why many people are choosing to host their celebrations under a tent in their own backyard or favorite outside space. Weddings and events held in a tent offer a lot of opportunity and room to create a truly beautiful, unique, and personalized setting for your big day. As you work with this classic blank canvas, there is no pre-existing architecture or décor from an indoor venue to influence your style and theme. But how do you begin bringing your vision to life? The experts here at Conklyn’s Weddings & Events are sharing essential decorations and tips to help you create a memorable and marvelous event design in a tent.

Tent wedding reception with purple lighting


Mood lighting and colored up-lighting have always been a tried-and-true way of controlling the atmosphere, look, and feel of an event. Between the placement of the lights and colors they project, you can transform your tent into another place or time. For instance, a tent lit with rose gold or blush-colored lighting will have a different tone than a tent illuminated in a deep blue or purple light.

Tent with cafe bulbs, string lights, and chandelier for wedding reception

Café Bulbs & String Lights

After the sun sets and your celebration continues through the evening, it is important to have an elegant source of lighting to keep your desired mood alive and your guests dancing all night long. Café blubs, string lights, and even chandeliers serve both a practical purpose and a stunning or alluring element of décor.

Tent wedding with tall flower centerpieces

Grand Floral Centerpieces

The focal point of any wedding or large event is the floral centerpieces on guest tables. While you dream of ways to eliminate the white space in your tent and create a grand pop of color or freshness into your décor, large, lush, and luxurious floral centerpieces check all the boxes. Mix up the guest tables with low flower arrangements, tall vases overflowing with blooms, botanical table runners, and mini floral pieces to ensure your guests are met with beauty in every direction.

Flower arrangements in hanging modern geometric holders

Floral Accents

Another way to liven up your tent is by placing floral accents in the “dead spaces” of your tent. Especially since tents seldom have architectural draws or additional décor of their own, various flower pieces and floral arrangements will be the perfect additions to entrances, specialty tables, food and drink stations, and even behind your sweetheart or head table. Simply set them in place to fill the space or find creative ways to hang or fasten them to chairs, signs, or the frame of the tent.

Purple drape in tent for wedding reception


Hanging drape from the ceiling of your tent to create a pattern or hide supporting poles as it billows down, is a whimsical way to soften the starkness and hardness of a tent while greatly enhancing your décor. This flowing fabric brings an elegant and simply glamorous look to your tent event. Choose a colorful fabric to liven up your celebration or keep it clean and dreamy with classic white drape.

As you plan your big celebration, transform your ten into a chic, rustic, whimsical, elegant, or classic affair. A sound piece of advice for doing so is by incorporating a variety of textures and elements that work together, such as café bulbs and white drape. Then, personalize your space with your favorite flowers from Conklyn’s Weddings & Events for centerpieces and accents to bring color, life, and a breathtaking freshness to your tent.