How to Plan the Perfect Grand Wedding Entrance

The moment you are first introduced as newlyweds is a remarkable milestone that deserves to be celebrated to its fullest. While you walk or dance hand-in-hand with your new husband or wife, make it a memorable and outstanding part of your day with the perfect music, your best moves, and your own personal style and flair. For ideas on how to create the perfect grand entrance into your wedding reception, the professionals here at Conklyn’s Weddings & Events have put together a guide to help you plan the best wedding entrance.

Wedding couple surrounded by happy bridal party

Bridal Party Entrances

After your bridal party has made their entrances, set them up in a way that enhances your own. For instance, after they have made their way onto the dance floor, ask them to create two lines that you and your partner can walk or run through. Maybe they can hold creative props, throw confetti, or simply clap and cheer loudly to make your entrance as grand and energetic as possible.

Wedding DJ setup

Music Choice

The music you choose for your entrance into your wedding reception is sure to set the perfect tone and mood for your first appearance as newlyweds. Will you opt for an upbeat classic that everyone can sing along to or a special tune that you and your partner fell in love to? No matter if it’s your favorite song on the radio or a memorable melody, make your entrance song selection something that is sure to pump up the crowd and bring you joy.

Bride and groom dancing under confetti

To Choreograph or Not to Choreograph?

While all eyes are on you and the dance floor is wide open, this is your chance to strut your stuff before the more “serious” first dance begins. Be the life of your party and walk into your wedding reception already dancing and having a good time. This will encourage your guests to do the same, at the appropriate time of course. You can even go above and beyond and choreograph a fun routine, complete with the lift from “Dirty Dancing,” if you’re brave enough.

Bride and groom holding up hands under confetti

Adding Personal Flair

Your wedding day should be full of your own unique taste, style, and personality, and your grand entrance should be no different. Adding personal flair to your entrance will look different for every couple, whether you become inspired by a favorite film you both enjoy or a shared hobby. Carry in props, or give props, like lightsabers, to your bridal party to help you create the perfect entrance. You can also plan out a special skit or charade, ride in on a tricycle, begin a conga line, or surprise your love by singing them a song if you’re a singer.

Bride and groom with daughter

Including the Family

If being surrounded by your family is something you hold near and dear to your heart, why not include them in your grand entrance? By this we mean having them join you on the dancefloor once you have entered, carrying your child or new stepchild on your shoulders as you walk into your reception, or including your fur baby in the festivities. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by loved ones and celebrating your marriage all together.

While preparing for your wedding day may seem like a rollercoaster of emotions, take a break from the nitty-gritty logistics and details to spend some time planning a fun and epic entrance. Enjoy this time being creative, funny, and exploring the details of your relationship to find something to incorporate into your first introduction as a married couple. To help you find and feel those warm fuzzy feelings from when you first fell in love, and take the pressure off planning your big day, talk to the experts here at Conklyn’s Weddings & Events. We are always happy to offer more guidance and our best ideas for your wedding.