Five Reasons Why Fresh Wedding Flowers Are Essential For Your Decor

When it comes to your wedding, fresh flowers are simply unbeatable! Since the beginning of time, Ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek brides would collect herbs, spices, and wildflowers and held them close during their wedding. While this tradition of bridal bouquets stems from warding off evil spirits, it has evolved into one of the most loved, respected, iconic, and gorgeous wedding traditions of today. 

While you make your own decisions on the flowers for your wedding, including bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces, floral arches, and other wedding arrangements, it can be tempting to select faux flowers in an attempt to save money. However, your trusted friends and experts here at Conklyn’s Weddings & Events are sharing our top six reasons why real, fresh blooms top faux flowers any day, especially your wedding day! 

Why You Cannot Go Wrong with Fresh Flowers   

beautiful bride and groom in the wedding ceremony area of live white and pink flowers. decoration and organization of celebrations in the open air.

Fresh is the Real Deal 

It’s easy to spot a faux, and when it comes to your wedding flowers, this is no different. Not only are natural, fresh flowers more vibrant, elegant, and lush, but they help breathe uplifting and happy energy into your day. Silk flowers, wooden flowers, and other faux options simply cannot compare to the colorful, dewiness, and softness that the real deal offers. 

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Incorporate Elegant Fragrances

One thing that you simply cannot replicate with faux flowers is the sweet, lovely, and lively fragrance of fresh blooms. When you walk into a wedding and are met with an aroma that oozes love and romance, it brings another element to the overall look and feel of the day. While your eyes are captivated by the beauty and your heartstrings are tugged by the sentiment, your olfactory system will also be entertained and whisked away. 

Closeup of bride and bridesmaids holding beautiful pink, white, and green wedding day bouquets

They Are An Equal Expense 

One of the main reasons why couples opt for faux flowers, like silk or wooden stems, boils down to their budget. However, faux flowers can oftentimes have the same price tag or one that is even higher than real flowers. We believe that quality comes with a price, but fresh blooms do not have to break your wedding budget if done effectively. If cost is a concern, establish a strict budget with your florist and they will more than likely be happy to accommodate and work within your wishes. 

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Support Small Businesses

Did you know that purchasing fresh flowers from florists in your area is a great and beautiful way to support your community? Shopping locally for anything is truly wonderful, especially when it comes to something so important like flowers for your wedding day. In return, your local florist is sure to go above and beyond to incorporate the best blooms that are in season, coordinate an easy delivery or even set-up process, and create one-of-a-kind and personalized designs just for your big day. 

Amazing wedding table decoration with flowers on wooden tables

Flowers Create Memories

Your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your entire life and consequently will be documented via countless photographs and videos. When you look back on your wedding memories, we know you want to look at stunning photos that capture a flawless ceremony and reception with the most perfect designs and decor. At the end of the day, real flowers photograph better than any type of faux bloom, and fresh petals will ensure your pictures and footage do your day justice. 

portrait of a girl and couples looking for a wedding dress, a pink dress flying with a wreath of flowers on her head on a background chicago garden and the blue sky, and they hug and pose

They Can Last a Lifetime

Some couples opt for a faux floral bouquet or silk arrangements so that their wedding flowers last a lifetime and can become decor for their home as they build a life and family together. While faux flowers naturally last longer than fresh flowers, there are numerous ways to ensure that a real wedding bouquet or your favorite fresh floral arrangement can become brilliant home decor that lasts forever as well. Pressing your flowers into a picture frame or using your dried wedding blooms to create a unique piece of art is only the beginning. 

There are endless decisions to make when planning your wedding, but choosing between faux and fresh flowers does not have to be one of them. No matter what your concerns are for incorporating the real deal into your big day, your florist will be able to talk through them with you to find the best solution and ease your mind. In the meantime, reach out to our genius wedding floral designers here at Conklyn’s Weddings & Events to begin your wedding floral planning process.