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Five Inspiring Fall Wedding Blooms

When selecting the perfect wedding or event date, couples often take into consideration the season they want to celebrate. The past few years have proved that fall is a popular choice based on the refreshing weather, the breathtaking foliage, and the calm and warmth we tend to feel during autumn. Another factor that plays into […]

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The Best Types of Flowers to Use in Wedding Receptions

You really can’t go wrong when selecting floral arrangements for your wedding reception. Our experts at Conklyn’s Florist, however, can help you choose arrangements, that feature your favorite blooms and colors, to perfectly complement your Alexandria wedding reception. Whether you’re hoping to create an ambiance of romance, glamour, or whimsy, flowers will make your vision complete. (more…)

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The Best Flowers for a Fall Wedding

Romantic Weddings Happen in the Fall Offering a unique color palette of rich, bold, and jewel-toned colors, it’s no wonder fall weddings are gaining in popularity. Besides the cooler weather, lower humidity, and awesome backdrops of seasonal foliage, fall wedding flowers are some of the most striking, colorful, and breathtaking flowers of the year. Fall […]

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Amaze Guests with Chrysanthemum Centerpieces

Widely know for their popularity in fall decorations, chrysanthemums are most recognized for their potted plant varieties which feature the blazing the colors of autumn leaves. Chrysanthemums, however, are more versatile than many people realize, blooming in almost every color imaginable and in a range of shapes and sizes. For this reason, chrysanthemums are the […]

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