The Best Flowers for a Fall Wedding

Romantic Weddings Happen in the Fall

Offering a unique color palette of rich, bold, and jewel-toned colors, it’s no wonder fall weddings are gaining in popularity. Besides the cooler weather, lower humidity, and awesome backdrops of seasonal foliage, fall wedding flowers are some of the most striking, colorful, and breathtaking flowers of the year.

Fall flowers add a sense of drama, elegance, and effortless beauty to any event. Luckily, there are plenty of varieties to choose from in both shape and color to match any bride’s desired theme.  Since our community is deeply important to us, here at Conklyn’s, we take great pride in being Alexandria’s premier floral wedding and event company for the past 75 years. We love designing for fall weddings and only work with the highest quality of flowers.

Here’s our selection of some of the best flower varieties for fall weddings:

Antique Hydrangea

Red Dahlias

Mini Calla Lilies

Antique Hydrangeas: Over several months of cooler nights and drier air, the hydrangea begins its metamorphosis from muted tones of sage green and light indigo to beautiful burgundy wine tones, dusty blues, and shimmery amethyst colors to become the antique hydrangea. These large, full blooms make great centerpieces or can be added to a bouquet for a stunning multi-colored effect.

Dahlias: A flower rich in petal density creating great texture, it also comes in deep, bright autumn tones. The dahlia’s intricate, large bloom makes it a statement flower that will draw attention wherever it is placed.

Mini Callas: Smaller than traditional calla lilies, these trumpet-shaped flowers are elegant and sleek and give perceived quality and richness. Available in autumn tones such as orange/reds bicolor, deep eggplant, and muted reds, they make a great accent flower adding a wonderful pop of color to any arrangement.

Cymbidium Orchard

Mokara Orchid

Safari Sunset

Cymbidium orchids: These flowers appear delicate but are very hardy, elegant, and available in orange, burgundy, green and brown colors. Cymbidium orchids have a very classy look and come in a wide range of colors and pattern making them an excellent choice for cross-over designs and patterns. They are also cold tolerant and easy to care for.

Mokara orchids: Elegant trailing orchids that are beautiful for creating a cascading style and perfect for boutonnieres and corsages.

Safari Sunset: This vigorous flowering plant is perfect for autumn in texture and color and plays into the succulent craze.

Garden Roses

Hypericum Berries

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Garden Roses: classic elegance, romantic with their petal density and fragrance and come in an assortment of colors perfect for the fall.

Hypericum berries: These make a great accent to any display and play into the fall berry look in shades of red, brown, burgundy and green. They also add great texture.

Greenery: A staple in wedding decor, greenery is a nice accent to bouquets and garlands. Leafy silver dollar eucalyptus and dusty miller are nice choices.

As the Alexandria area’s leading florist, Conklyn’s caters to all types of weddings and events. We’re also proud to offer full-scale event services or wholesale pricing to clients who want to do it themselves. Either way, we’re with the entire way making your special day perfect!