The Best Types of Flowers to Use in Wedding Receptions

You really can’t go wrong when selecting floral arrangements for your wedding reception. Our experts at Conklyn’s Florist, however, can help you choose arrangements, that feature your favorite blooms and colors, to perfectly complement your Alexandria wedding reception. Whether you’re hoping to create an ambiance of romance, glamour, or whimsy, flowers will make your vision complete.

Today’s Top Wedding Flower Trends

We adore today’s top wedding reception flower trends. These include a fresh take on contemporary garlands, the muted hues of succulents, lush tropical foliage and vibrant blooms, and tall vases featuring high-impact, towering designs.

5 Tips for Choosing Wedding Reception Floral Arrangements

1. Short vs. Tall Arrangements

Both short and tall arrangements can create drama, elegance, and glamour. When choosing between the two, we recommend considering their placement at your wedding reception. Shorter arrangements are usually better for guest tables, so that your friends and family won’t have to look around the centerpieces to enjoy one another’s company. Tall arrangements are beautiful and can make quite an impact. We recommend placing these in locations everyone will see, like near the entrance, on the cake table, or by the gifts.

2. Long vs. Round Tables

It’s most aesthetically pleasing if a floral centerpiece mimics the shape of the table on which it’s placed. Long narrow centerpieces fit best on long, rectangular tables. We recommend arrangements that feature lanterns or candles with flowers adorning either side. Circular centerpieces arranged in vases complement round tables best. If you have a table that will be placed in a corner or against a wall, select a flat centerpiece that will look stunning, while allowing you to make the most of the table space.

3. Indoors vs. Outdoor Arrangements

If your reception’s located indoors, you’ll be able to use any flowers you please. An outdoor reception might encounter wind, cold, or other elements that could prematurely age your arrangements. If you’ll be celebrating under the stars, choose hardier varieties of flowers, like succulents, tulips, or evergreens. These fare best at outdoor receptions.

4. In-Season vs. Out-of-Season Flowers

We typically recommend our clients select in-season flowers for their wedding reception arrangements, as they tend to cost much less than flowers which have to be ordered in specially. If you have a favorite flower that’s out of season, but want to stay within a specific budget, you can always order that flower for more special arrangements, such as the bride’s bouquet or head table’s centerpiece. Selecting in-season flowers for other wedding reception flower arrangements doesn’t mean you have to compromise color or style.

5. Choose Style Over Blooms

Rather than getting stuck on a particular type of flower (unless it goes well with your decor theme), we encourage clients to pick arrangements that’ll suit their theme and let their style dictate the right type of blooms. For example, arrangements suitable for an over-the-top glamorous affair generally call for different textures and sizes of flowers than the arrangements that’ll create a quaint, romantic, or whimsical atmosphere. Our florist can help you decide what’ll best create the desired atmosphere for your wedding reception.

Expert Advice for the Wedding Reception of Your Dreams

Planning a wedding can sometimes feel like making 1000 difficult choices, but it’s hard to choose wrong flowers for a wedding reception because they’re all beautiful. Our professional florists can help you create the wedding reception of your dreams with expertly selected, designed, and arranged flowers. For more information about our wedding reception packages and the most popular flowers for Alexandria wedding receptions, we welcome you to call us today!