When to Reserve Flowers for Your Event

Flowers are an important component of weddings, special events, and corporate galas. Fresh, vibrant florals have the ability to transform any event from ordinary to extraordinary and memorable. If you are planning a special occasion, or have a wedding coming up, make sure you get the best-quality blooms by ordering florals from your florist well in advance. The design experts at Conklyn’s Weddings & Events are here to help you by presenting a timeline of when to order flowers for different occasions as well as typical ways flowers are used in a wedding. 

Timeline for Ordering Flowers for a Special Event

When considering the flowers you want for a specific event, deciding on a particular style or floral palette can be overwhelming, especially when you’re constantly looking at amazing floral arrangements on Pinterest and Instagram. By visiting with your florist early on in the planning process, though, will help you realize your vision, give you clarity on the best design choices, and guide you to the season’s freshest blooms that will be available to you. Use the below guide for when to book a consultation with your florist depending on the type of event you are planning. 

Special Event Bouquets: 2-4 weeks in advance

Corporate Event / Gala with a custom order:  3-4 months in advance

Wedding Flowers: 6-9 months in advance

Your florist will also work with you regarding the different ways florals can be used to make your event shine. If you’re planning a wedding, for example, and you’re not sure all the ways flowers can be included in your wedding, then review the list below of the most common uses as a starting point. 

7 Ways Flowers Are Used in a Wedding

Bridal Bouquet – From cascading to crescent, nosegay to pageant, and round to pomander, your florist can help you find the right type of bouquet style for you. The bridal bouquet should be an extension of you – your tastes and personality – and should pair perfectly with your dress rather than eclipse it. 

Ceremony Arch – A beautiful floral arch adds an upscale touch to any wedding ceremony and makes for a gorgeous backdrop in wedding photos. Keep the costs down by using mostly foliage along with just a few blooms that are also in your bouquet to create a unifying theme. Another option is a flower wall, which also makes a great backdrop for photos.

Flowers for the Wedding Party – Smaller bouquets for the bridesmaids, corsages for family members, a floral crown for the flower girl, and boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen. 

Welcome Arrangements – A dramatic floral arrangement is a great way to welcome your guests and encourage them to sign in. 

Centerpieces – Beautiful garnish the tables where guests sit for dinner with floral centerpieces. To encourage easy conversation, make sure they are not too high or are placed in areas that won’t block the view of other guests at the table. 

Hanging Centerpieces – For something different, elevate your floral centerpiece by hanging it just overhead instead of placing it on the table. This works great for smaller tables.

White 3 tiered cake with real red and pink flowers

Image from marthastewart.com

Wedding Cake Flowers – Adorn your white cake with gorgeous, bright blooms for a pop of color and elegance. Your florist can help you choose flowers that are non-toxic.

Think about your floral style and determine your floral needs before calling and scheduling an interview with your local florist. We recommend visiting your florist no less than 6-9 months out from your wedding day. To ensure your big day will have the best, brightest, and most fragrant blooms, your florist will guide you to an array of gorgeous flowers that will be at the height of the season during your wedding. 

About 1 month prior to the wedding, meet with your florist to finalize your floral selections. With your guest count and the general varieties you know you want, your florist will then place the order to ensure you have the freshest and highest quality blooms for your big day.