Unique Centerpieces for Your Big Celebration or Event

Bringing your wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, birthday celebration, or even corporate event to life starts with your tablescapes and centerpieces. While your favorite flowers will certainly play a role in creating the perfect look and feel, your personality, individual style, and specific celebration theme can also influence the types of unique, creative, and eclectic centerpieces you choose. Here at Conklyn’s Weddings & Events, we are sharing some of our favorite out-of-the-box ideas that might speak to you when planning the decor and table settings for your special event.

White teapot with pink, white, blue, and green floral inside


A unique, cute, and fun centerpiece for a garden tea party or bridal shower is a pastel floral arrangement nestled securely inside a teapot. Design an eclectic look for your event with various colors, patterns, shapes, and styles of teapots for each table to admire along with your favorite blooms. This look is sweet for birthday parties and baby showers as well as small intimate weddings.

Stack of books in the center of the table with floral arrangement on top


An unexpected yet useful and versatile item to include in your centerpiece design is a favorite collection of books. You can stack them to give your arrangement new height while you show off some of your favorite titles or titles that relate to the celebration. You can also hollow out the pages if you no longer care to read the book again, and overflow the inside with beautiful blooms.

Purple flowers flowing out of a black lantern


Rustic weddings and events are the best time to build floral centerpieces inside or around lanterns. While guests will surely expect to find cables illuminating these lanterns, they will be pleasantly surprised when they are met instead with a wonderful pop of brilliant color and lively blooms. You can always add a little candlelight to your tablescapes and place elegant votive candles around the lanterns to create that warm light and peaceful energy.

Gold pumpkin with colorful fall floral arrangement inside

Fruits & Veggies

The time of year or the season your event or wedding takes place has a large impact on the types of flowers you will find for your centerpieces. While flowers reflect the season to create a beautiful summer, fall, winter, or spring look and feel to your big day, you can also rely on colorful fruits and veggies. Carve out a large pumpkin or a tropical pineapple as a seasonal vase for a fall or summer wedding or event. If you are seating guests at long tables, enhance the table runner with mini fruits and veggies that are in season to add a fun and creative splash of color.

Wedding flowers assembled on vintage style candelabra with gold candles

Vintage Pieces

While taking a trip down memory lane, exploring antique, vintage, or thrift shops, or even venturing through your grandmother’s home, you are sure to come across timeless and original pieces of inspiration for centerpieces. From candelabras to elegant vases or mementos, artistically transform these breathtaking items into centerpieces adorned with beautiful flowers. You can also pay homage to a favorite past decade with palms, feathers, or pearls.

Ideas, inspiration, and creativity can be sparked by more than pictures in magazines or what you see at your friend’s events. Find what speaks to you, reminds you of precious memories, or relates to your life, personality, or specific celebration, and play into this unique vision. Your friends here at Conklyn’s Weddings & Events are looking forward to bringing your dreams to life in fantastic and beautiful ways.