Who Should Get Flowers at Your Wedding

It’s not really set in stone who gets wedding-day flowers. Obviously, the bride carries a wedding bouquet and the groom wears a boutonniere, but what about others? It’s mostly a choice of who the couple would like to honor like parents, step-parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family members who are not in the wedding party. Ultimately, it’s up to the couple to choose. For help in determining who you should give corsages or boutonnieres to, the wedding experts at Conklyn’s Weddings, we have listed the below guide to follow.

Wedding Party

The rule of thumb is that Bridesmaids will have bouquets (smaller than the bride’s) and groomsmen will have boutonnieres to pin on their suit. For a mixed wedding party, i.e. a male who is in the bridal party or a female in the groomsmen party, use the general rule of bouquets for dresses and boutonnieres for suits. 

Ring Bearer

A wrist corsage for girls and a boutonniere for boys. 

little girl in wedding with pink bouquet

Flower Girl

Floral crowns are sweet as can be, but if it’s a no-go for the wearer, a wrist corsage will work, too.


Parents, including step-parents, or anyone who is a significant part of your life and raised you should get personal flowers. 

Wedding Coursages for Bridesmaids


Grandparents or anyone else who played an instrumental part in you being born and getting to marry the love of your life should be honored. Wrist or pin-on corsages, depending on their preference and attire, are appropriate.

Ceremony Participants

Ushers, officiants, musicians, and readers all play a part in your wedding, and to show your appreciation and highlight their importance, giving them flowers to wear is a nice touch.

Men's Boutonniere

Other Important People

Anybody else who you want to pay respect to should receive flowers. Getting flowers makes people feel special and are a great way to acknowledge those who are not in the wedding, such as step-siblings and godparents. 

If you are planning on incorporating your pet in your ceremony, then go ahead and get a floral collar for them to wear. 

Choosing who receives flowers is a personal decision and you have the final say on how you want your wedding to look. Just remember, consult with your florist regarding boutonnieres and corsages as they can recommend the types of flowers, style, and colors that will work best with your wedding vision.