The Best Ways to Coordinate and Style Your Bridal Party

There is so much that goes into wedding planning, from the venue and decor to guest list and caterers, and we cannot forget the flowers. With so much to do and decisions to make, your wedding party attire is just one small, yet vital piece of this enormous puzzle. With having some of the most important people stand next to you while you say “I do” and smile for pictures with the love of your life, their attire is a large part of establishing your unique look, feel, tone, and design of your wedding. To help you think about which direction to go in when it comes to colors and styles, your friends here a Conklyn’s Flowers are sharing four fashion trends to consider.

Bridal party in matching black tuxedos and long blush dresses next to bride and groom

Perfectly Matching Attire

The most traditional route to take when styling and dressing your wedding party is choosing one dress, one suit or tuxedo, and even the same accessories for everyone to wear. This creates a classic, clean, and uniform look for your wedding party that is sure to be elegant and simply beautiful. This perfectly matched attire will complement the overall style and feel of your wedding in a cohesive and seamless way. In addition, perfectly matched attire allows everyone’s smiles, joy, and happiness to radiate all day without distraction.

Bridesmaids wearing different pink dresses and pinning flowers on groomsmen

Coordinating Colors

While it can be a challenge to find perfectly matching attire that fits everybody’s taste, personality, and comfort levels, many couples opt for different styled attire in one of their primary wedding colors. Once a single color or material has been chosen and shared, members of the wedding party can find their own perfect outfit that they feel confident in, while still coordinating with one another. This makes for a more interesting look, reflecting everybody’s individuality, as you all stand together or pose for photos.

Bridal party standing in a line wearing pink and blue dresses

Coordinating Styles

On the flip side, if you are having a hard time narrowing down a particular wedding color palette and cannot pick just one primary wedding color, this look might be what you need. Instead of choosing one specific color for your wedding party to run with, select one style of dress, suit, or tie and give your party a few color options to choose from. With the same, uniform style of attire, the eclectic color palette will look more buttoned-up, sleek, and eye-catching.

Bridal party wearing different outfits posing in front of flower arch

Fun Mismatched Look

A fun trend that couples are leaning into is the mismatched look. From an eclectic collection of wedding decor and furniture to wedding party attire, there is nothing more unique and charming. The variety of colors, styles, and textures work together to design a wonderfully chic look that you, your guests, and the wedding party will truly love. With a sound and polished color palette set in stone, your wedding party has the freedom to shop and choose what speaks best to them while finding commonalities between everyone’s style. This dynamic look for your wedding party will also help each individual feel their most comfortable as you respect their attire preferences.

As you coordinate the details of your wedding party’s attire, it is important to consider everyone’s opinions and ideas. While you may not agree with them all, respecting what makes your best friends or close family members feel comfortable will never go unappreciated. Once you have made a decision, you can then start talking about flowers, bouquets, boutonnieres, and other details to complete the look. When the time comes, your friends here at Conklyn’s Flowers will be happy to create the perfect floral designs for your big day.