Inexpensive Flowers for Your Small Wedding

A gorgeous wedding does not have to be expensive to be memorable. A great way to keep your budget under control is by carefully selecting the flowers you include in your wedding. Conklyn’s Weddings have some wonderful tips to offer for keeping your wedding beautiful and budget-friendly.

  • Set your date accordingly. Weddings near Christmas or Easter will mean a church fully decorated already. A wedding in February will mean flower prices are sky-high thanks to Valentine’s Day.
  • Choose your blooms accordingly. In-season and local flowers are much more affordable than those that need to be shipped in. Filler flowers like carnations, mums, and baby’s breath can be gorgeous with the help of your amazing floral team, and they don’t cost nearly as much as more high-end flowers.
  • Use statement pieces sparingly. Let stunningly expensive blooms stand alone as a centerpiece, or surround them with much less expensive filler flowers for a gorgeous alternative to giant bouquets.

However you decide to disperse your budget, it’s important to realize you can still have fabulous flowers and a beautiful wedding without going broke. Talk honestly with the floral designers at Conklyn’s Florist about your budget and find out what creative ideas they can develop to make your special day spectacular.

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