Perfect Plants for Your Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can take on a truly romantic, unexpected look that is often a little bit magical. Creating that magical effect, however, can mean a bit of planning. The amount and variety of available flowers, for instance, dwindles drastically in winter, leaving you with fewer options than what you may have expected. 

However, adding plants to your wedding decor can be a very fresh, trendy way to bring a natural, vibrant look to your wedding without sacrificing the beauty of fresh flowers. Whether you replace flowers with greenery, combine the two for a gorgeous mix of color and leafiness, or simply work with blooming seasonal plants, the floral experts at Conklyn’s Weddings knows you’ll find a huge variety of combinations and options that open up to you. Make the most of winter by decorating your wedding with some of the best foliage the season has to offer. 

Opt for Seasonal Plants

Creating a look that feels seasonal and fits with the region where your wedding will be held can be as simple as working with plants that are in season during this time of year. 

  • A Northeastern Wedding: The beauty of evergreens will make gorgeous winter decor. Drape garland along chairs for an aisle marker, have topiaries framing your archway where you’ll recite your vows, and include mini Christmas trees as centerpieces at your reception. 
  • A Southwestern Wedding: The charm and beauty of succulents and cacti can bring a rustic look to your winter wedding. Decorate with your favorite flowers, tulle, or elegant twinkling lights to make variations on the mood you want to create.
  • A Winter Beach Wedding: If you’re choosing to get married on Florida or Hawaiian beaches, tropical blooming plants are the way to go! From bromeliads and birds of paradise to any number of orchid varieties, you’ll feel the essence of paradise when you’re surrounded by so much color and texture. 

Local Foliage

Think About Renting Plants

If you hope to simply surround yourself with plants and greens of every shape and size, you may want to consider renting your plants instead of purchasing them. This will allow you to enjoy their beauty without the expense. Plus, you’ll have less to cart home when the day is done. Remember, all that beauty will still show up in your photos. This is also a great option for destination weddings when you’ll leave a lot of your wedding decor behind. 

Rented Foliage

Blend Plants with Flowers

If there’s anything prettier than gorgeous seasonal foliage, it’s gorgeous seasonal foliage accented with beautiful flowers. Add your favorites, or choose to intertwine your plants and greens with cut flowers. This will add color and delicate texture to your plants, and the green of the plants will be a backdrop that causes the flower hues to pop. In other words, we’re saying on your wedding day, maybe you should have your cake and eat it, too!

Roses with Greens

Play with Containers 

The containers you choose can bring a particular vibe to your wedding’s overall look, so choose wisely and according to the style of wedding your planning. Here are some popular choices, depending on what type of plants you choose:

  • Terra Cotta: For succulents, cacti, or other earthy looks, make the most of the look by enhancing it with clay or terra cotta pots and planters. The more weathered the container, the more natural and earthy your overall look will feel.
  • Ceramic: For polished, elegant pieces like topiaries or sculpted plants, climbing ivy, or even small trees, consider using ceramic containers. The understated elegance will bring a sophistication to your plant displays. 
  • Rustic Boxes: For a farm-fresh feel, display plants in rustic wooden boxes or barrels. The raw, unfinished wood will mesh perfectly with your natural, straight-from-the-meadow decor.
  • Baskets: If you’re hoping to hang plants from rafters or other overhangs (and we definitely recommend trying this!), using lightweight baskets as containers is a smart move. Let the plants spill over the edges or even through the cracks to be seen from all angles. 

Succulents in Clay Pots

Infusing your winter wedding with plants is a beautiful, affordable and eco-friendly way to decorate your wedding day with all the greens and life you desire. Whether you plan to keep your plants and grow them at home after the ceremony, give them away to guests as favors, or just rent them for the day, the floral designers at Conklyn’s Weddings can help you create the best look for your best day.