Christmas Engagement Ideas

The holidays are an excellent time to propose marriage to your partner. The magic and joy of the season make everything merry and bright and warms hearts. If you’re ready to settle down and you’ve found your person, this Christmas just might be the one to remember, the one you’ll tell your grandchildren about. But with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, what’s the best way to propose? 

The design experts at Conklyn’s Weddings have some great ideas for you if you’re thinking about a Christmas engagement. We can give you some ideas to get you inspired- use them or let them help you create your own unique plan! Plus, we’ll show you why so many other couples are getting engaged at Christmas, too. It’s a popular time for popping the question and we’ll show you why. 

Why Propose During the Holidays?

The holidays are a season when love is in the air. We’re thinking about gift-giving, we’re full of bright, hopeful spirit, and we’re often surrounded by friends and loved ones. What better time to ask the person you love most to spend your lives together if not during this romantic season of hope and joy? Not to mention the fact that snowy scenes with twinkling lights will make the perfect backdrop for proposal pictures. And, if your intended wants to share the big news with friends and family, chances are, she’ll be able to do so in person as you gather for holiday get-togethers. Whether you hope to propose to her while surrounded by loved ones or choose to ask her privately, the opportunity to share the big news with those closest to you will be yours. 

Why are Christmas Proposals so Popular?

Studies show that more people get engaged between Labor Day and Valentine’s Day than any other time of year. Diamond ring sales are up and the time is right. Consider the fact that your proposal, whether done in public, like at a restaurant or local Christmas scene or privately, like in a horse-drawn carriage or during a snowy walk in the woods, will be a lasting memory for you and your partner. Proposing on or around Christmas will make the holiday have a special meaning between the two of you and for your future children, as well. With homes and most public spaces decorated for Christmas, the festive spirit of the holidays will infuse your proposal with cheerfulness and merriment. 

What Are Some Fun Ways to Propose?

Ask yourself a few questions before proposing, then create a story she’ll love to retell. Where is a place that’s special to both of you? Are there mementos from your relationship you can include in the proposal? Will she love a show in front of friends and family, or is she a more private person? Taking her to a place she loves to pop the question and include a meaningful item are great ways to tie your proposal together. Hang the ring on the Christmas tree while decorating or wrap it up as one of her presents (hint: make sure it’s the last one she opens!).

If you plan to include friends or family, make sure your photographer knows the plan so they can be ready. And no matter how creative you get with your proposal, don’t forget to get down on one knee and actually say the words, “Will you marry me?” There’s nothing more perfect than weaving tradition into a uniquely creative event. 

Getting engaged is a big deal, and proposing during the holidays is a great way to commemorate the moment. No matter how traditional or inventive your proposal is, remember that ultimately this will become a huge part of your story. Make sure she’s going to love telling it! For more great Christmas proposal ideas, talk to the wedding professionals at Conklyn’s Weddings. We’ll be happy to give you tips and advice to make your holiday proposal the best present ever.