10 Tips for Creating a Valentine’s Day Wedding

If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect Valentine’s Day wedding, we can help you make it happen. There are so many great ways to get creative within the context of a holiday while still making it your own. This romantic holiday is a great reason to tie the knot and profess your undying love for one another, so the wedding experts at Conklyn’s Weddings are here with 10 tips to help you create the perfect Valentine’s Day wedding. Take a look as you plan and start designing a wedding for the ages. 

  1. Plan Early! Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular wedding dates chosen all year. Be sure to secure your venue, as well as your caterer, flowers, cake, and everything else, well in advance to avoid any last-minute confusion or stress. 
  2. Color Scheme. Of course, we all think of pink, red and white when it comes to Valentine’s Day. However, if you want to try something a little less traditional, play with versions of these colors or add metallic accents. Dark garnet or soft blush are great versions of red and pink that can add surprising detail to your day.

Red Wedding Cake

  1. Let them eat cake! Dessert is a must at weddings and on Valentine’s Day, but feel free to get creative! Cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, a chocolate fountain or beautiful red velvet petit fours make exciting treats that everyone will love. 
  2. Dancing… and all that jazz. Consider including your Valentine’s Day theme in the music you choose, like every song having the word “Love” in the title. Or invite guests to request their favorite love song for the DJ to spin for everyone to enjoy, even from different decades.

Red Boutuonnier

  1. Fantastic Flowers. Of course, red roses exude the romance of Valentine’s Day like none other, plus they’re timeless and classy. But if you’re looking to step outside of the red, white and pink box, choose tulips or lilies in one or more of these shades instead. Gladioli, peonies, and dahlias also make great wedding bouquets and come in varieties of Valentine’s colors as well. 
  2. Shoes. Here’s where you get the most creative bang for your buck on this special day. Go crazy with your favorite designs and showcase your style, whether it’s red-soled pumps, soft pink ballet flats, or red suede shoes, you can be whimsical and sassy or classy and modern. It’s totally up to you!

Red Shoes

  1. Dress Up. Let your Valentine’s Day style shine with the dresses and suits your wedding party will wear. Whether you design a black and white wedding with red accents or infuse the romance of top hats and tails to your look, make sure your wedding party fits your dream Valentine’s Day wedding.
  2. Decor. For a chic, modern look, add plenty of crisp lines and metallic or mirrored accents (think disco balls, mirrors on tables under centerpieces, and gold or silver vases). For a soft, romantic look, include soft textures, like plenty of cozy corners filled with pillows and cushions around your reception hall.

Chairs with Red Ribbon

  1. Lighting Set the mood for a fun and festive or sweet, romantic feel with the lighting you choose for your ceremony and reception. Candlelight is super soft and romantic, plus it makes everyone look beautiful. Soft pink spotlights for the dance floor will add a warm, inviting touch to the party. 
  2. Extra Pizzazz Little extras like heart-shaped signage, white doves, or a Valentine candy bar will play with the holiday vibe and create sweet memories for all. Use old-school Valentine’s cards for place cards, give small bouquets or single roses as favors, and replace the traditional photo booth with a kissing booth for sweetheart pictures.

Bridesmaids in Red Dress

When you choose a Valentine’s or mid-February wedding, you have the opportunity to play with the traditions and expectations of this holiday. It’s totally up to you what you include and what you change. Use the element of surprise to turn traditions upside down, or follow customs and add details everyone will know and love.

For more great ideas about how to design the perfect Valentine’s Day wedding, talk to the wedding designers at Conklyn’s Weddings. We’re here to help you find the perfect look for your perfect day.