How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

When you begin planning your wedding, the idea of paying a lot of money for the venue can be difficult. You want to keep the cost of just holding the wedding to a minimum so you can invest more in some of the other details, like flowers, food, cake and entertainment. Unless a particular venue is an extra special to you and your partner, give yourself permission to think outside the box. Find a venue that will bring everyone together economically while allowing you to spend more of your wedding budget on special touches like your favorite flowers, your groom’s favorite cut of steak, or an open bar. The wedding experts at Conklyn’s Weddings have broken down the basics when it comes to venue costs, plus we’re providing a few alternative ideas that will speak to your creative side.

Private Club Venues: Your local country club, yacht club or other private setting is most likely going to be the most expensive venue you can find. If you and your partner or your families belong to a particular club and have a desire to maintain tradition, this is definitely a great option. You may even have more options or discounts available to you through your club as members, but be sure to discuss these options with their wedding coordinator. Price may include catering, decorating and other services, so do some price comparison to see if this option actually serves you well.

Traditional Church Venues: Of course, the most traditional of weddings are held in churches, and many offer on-site facilities for your reception as well. While the cost of renting a church sanctuary and/or reception hall may be reduced, keep in mind that most will not permit alcohol on the premises. Many churches often have policies against renting their facility to non-members, so be sure to look into this option early. 

Local Outdoor Venue: Often local city parks provide an excellent outdoor venue at a reasonable cost. If you’re willing to work with your environment and be bold about the weather, an outdoor wedding in your area can be a beautiful setting for reciting vows. Since Conklyn’s Weddings delivers flowers and other wedding decor throughout the Arlington area, you can enjoy the history setting of the Hendry House or be surrounded by roses at Bon Air Park easily. As city parks, these and other local outdoor venues are far more reasonably priced and offer tons of local color and landscape. 

Your Own Backyard: One of the least expensive and most personal venues is right in your own backyard- literally! If you have the space, hosting a wedding at your own home (or that of your parents or another relative) can be a beautiful way to commemorate such a special day. While there may be some landscaping or other work to be done in preparation, you also can see this expense as an investment in your home’s value, as well. 

There are many beautiful settings in which to pronounce your undying love for one another in front of friends and relatives. The trick is choosing a spot that will be memorable for both of you while sticking to your wedding’s budget. Keep in mind that choosing a less expensive venue leaves room in your budget for more flowers, food, drinks and entertainment. Make the most of your local area by choosing an outdoor venue that encapsulates the spirit of your surroundings to remember where it all began. For help choosing the perfect venue, share your ideas with the professionals at Conklyn’s Weddings. We’ll be glad to recommend some of our favorite locations and help you plan your big day!