Charming Wedding Flower Styles to Stretch Your Budget

When you begin to plan your wedding, it doesn’t take long to realize your need for a wedding budget. Dream weddings can be expensive, but not if you plan ahead and get a little creative with your finances. While flowers can be one of the larger expenses in your wedding budget, they don’t have to be. With a little forethought, a little creativity and some strategic planning, you can stretch your wedding floral budget and still have gorgeous arrangements, bouquets and other floral designs that create the perfect look. The wedding professionals at Conklyn’s Weddings specialize in floral design, so these expert tips are tried and true. 

Choose Inexpensive Varieties

Certain types of flowers are less expensive, yet just as beautiful, as others. Instead of a sparse smattering of expensive blooms, opt for creative designs with lots of less expensive varieties. Beautiful and colorful, carnations, chrysanthemums, and gladiolus can make fantastic wedding displays. Group same-color carnations for monochromatic drama, style your reception tables with the height of gladiolus or float chrysanthemum blooms in clear glass bowls. Use the lacy fragility of baby’s breath, Queen Anne’s Lace, or waxflower to bring a dainty essence to the ends of the aisles at your ceremony. Or create a happy ambiance with daisies or sunflowers everywhere you look. 


Choose Creative Style

They say it’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it. So, say it with flowers and show off your creativity with the way you include them in your special day. For example, instead of expensive roses or peonies, choose bright, frilly carnations in the same shade to create a gorgeous cascade of color over the wedding altar. Use fewer flowers and greenery when you palace them atop a gauzy fabric runner for table garlands or hanging installations. Go with a minimalist approach by placing one simple bloom in a slim vase at each place setting instead of a huge centerpiece at each table. Finally, consider rounding out the majority of your decor with greenery instead of actual blooms, while keeping the pops of color from flowers to a minimum.


Choose Your Timing

A great way to save money in general is to choose a strategic wedding date or location. For example, Christmas-time weddings mean churches, gardens, museums and other locations will already be decked out for the holidays, leaving less for you to contribute out of pocket. Outdoor settings like parks, botanical gardens, or the beach offer so much natural beauty, you won’t need to include too many blooms to decorate. That means you can focus on carrying your favorite or most meaningful flowers down the aisle yourself! Finally, consider including non-floral pieces to highlight your special flowers, like fruit, candles, or books as accent pieces. These will not only create a unique vibe, but they’ll also provide a cool backdrop to show off the flowers you do choose to include. 

With so many great ways to get creative with your wedding flowers, it’s simple and smart to consider keeping your floral budget tight so you can invest in other areas of your wedding day. For more great tips and ideas about saving money on wedding blooms, talk to the floral experts at Conklyn’s Weddings. We have more ideas than you can possibly use in one wedding, plus we’re happy to explore less expensive varieties that can make your day gorgeous without breaking the bank.