Spring Wedding Color Palettes

This year, wedding color palettes take on a whole new meaning. As 2020 was a year that will not be soon forgotten, 2021 is shaping up to be the year that brings us hope. As far as colors go, that means bright yellows and steely grays. We’ll be seeing these combinations in everything from fashion to home decor, and definitely in wedding palettes. Here, the wedding experts from Conklyn’s Weddings have described the color choices for the year and outlined just a few suggestions for how to incorporate these hues into your 2021 wedding. 

Pantone Color of the Year

The Pantone Color of the Year has been announced, and this year the practical, rock-solid Ultimate Gray is paired with the strength and positivity of a sunny yellow called Illuminating. What better sentiments to be surrounded by on your wedding day than this illustrious combination of strength and hope? Like a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel, the cheerful yellows will lighten the weight of the deeper steely gray tones. Within these shades, there are myriad ways to include both colors in your wedding decor. 

Bridesmaids' bouquets with bright yellow flowersYellow Blooms

The choice of floral colors for your wedding bouquet makes a statement, so it’s important to think about what message you’re proclaiming on your wedding day. The Illuminating yellow spectrum will be a bold show of hope, happiness, and positivity. Choose bright, buttery yellow tulips, lilies, or roses for an elegant showing. Display frothy chrysanthemums, spiky pincushion protea, or star-shaped daffodils for a spunky, cheerful look. Carry sunflowers, daisies, or craspedia to showcase the happiness you’re experiencing on this amazing day. Whatever yellow flowers you choose, you’re sure to leave your guests certain of your hopefulness and happiness.

Bride and groom dressed in gray with yellow floral accentsGray Accents

The creative options for infusing shades of gray into your wedding palette are simply innumerable. From rustic weathered wood on picnic tables, barn doors, benches, and chairs, to smooth gray beach rocks and sand, incorporating gray will be a fun endeavor. Bridesmaids can wear the same shade of gray while varying their dress style, or add touches of gray ribbons, eucalyptus leaves, and natural stone throughout your wedding decor. Table linens, floral accents, and wedding party attire can all reflect the beauty of Ultimate Gray while providing a fabulous backdrop for the bright yellows of your flowers.

Reflect the style of the times at your 2021 wedding when you infuse your color palette with Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. These two contrasting colors will make a bold statement while showing the world how hopeful you are for the future. For more great ways to add grays and yellows to your wedding, talk to the wedding professionals at Conklyn’s Weddings. We’re here to help you design the most beautiful day of your life and we will help you style it perfectly!