Seven Considerations for Wedding Venues

As you begin to plan your wedding, you very well may find yourself deciding whether to choose an indoor or outdoor venue. While there are plenty of pros and cons to each option, ultimately the choice is up to you. At Conklyn’s Weddings, we’re happy to outline just some of the advantages of each option from a floral perspective. If one or more of these ideas resonates with you, that just might be the option for you! 

Moon shaped flower sculpture for outdoor wedding

Outdoor Floral Installations

When choosing to recite your vows outdoors, you can include a gorgeous floral installation in multiple places during your ceremony. As an entrance to the ceremony, these sculpture-like pieces covered in flowers welcome guests to your event. Floral installations off to the side of your outdoor ceremony can serve to define the space and add structure, as well as beauty. Plus a gorgeous floral installation makes a beautiful photo op!

Beautiful pink and blush flower arch for outdoor wedding ceremony

Outdoor Floral Arches

With outdoor weddings, there’s usually not much of an altar unless you create one. While there’s nothing wrong with your officiant standing alone between the two of you, it’s helpful to add a focal point with a trellis or archway. Cover it with trailing foliage or an abundance of your wedding flowers for continuity throughout your decor.

Cute flowers on chiavari chairs for outdoor wedding ceremony

Outdoor Seating and Floral Decor

Unless your outdoor wedding ceremony will only be a few minutes, it’s wise to provide seating for your guests. Add your own unique flair to your chairs, benches, or other seating options with mini-bouquets to match the bridal party’s flowers. Attach a tropical leaf or fern to every other chair, or at the ends of each aisle to bring your entire setting together.

White wedding flowers positioned alongside the aisle and flower petals leading to the outdoor altar for wedding ceremony

Outdoor Aisle Floral Borders

To create a specific aisle, line the walkway with flowers or plants of your choosing. Potted succulents in varying sizes create a rustic look, while dropped petals can create a fanciful fairy tale setting. Tall urns overflowing with your wedding flowers will give a stately garden appearance to your aisle. 

Creative purple flower wall at wedding, bride and groom kissins

Indoor Flower Walls

If you choose to hold your wedding ceremony or reception indoors, there are some beautiful and creative ways to include flowers among your decor. Flower walls are big right now, and it’s easy to see why. Covering a piece of wall partially with strings of flowers or completely with the buds themselves, floral walls make artistic and unique backdrops for pictures or behind the couple of the hour. 

Stunning flowers hanging from ceiling at indoor wedding

Indoor Hanging Installations

While you don’t get the benefit of nature surrounding you at an indoor wedding, you can be sure your flowers and greenery are three dimensional. Hanging floral pieces add a layer of whimsy and intrigue while offering an unexpected detail that guests will love. Have one giant creative design hanging in the center of the room, or place smaller pieces throughout the room for guests to enjoy everywhere they look.

Traditional, romantic, and elegant wedding flower centerpieces at indoor reception

Indoor Traditional Flowers

Of course, while indoors you can include traditional floral designs easily that will still offer creative options. Centerpieces, name cards, food and drink tables, and the DJ’s stand can all serve as display tables for beautiful designs that echo the beauty of your bridal bouquet. Centerpiece-style floral arrangements can also be displayed near the front doors of your venue, in all the bathrooms, and even around the perimeter of your space. 

Whether you choose to celebrate your best day inside your favorite venue or outdoors, you can include flowers, plants, and beautiful living designs in either space. Adding flowers and greenery to your wedding speaks to tradition while allowing you to be as artistic as you choose. For more great floral ideas for your wedding celebration, talk to the floral experts at Conklyn’s Weddings. We’re happy to offer ideas, tips, and creative alternatives to make your wedding as beautiful as you are.