Traditions to Carry on from Your Grandmother’s Wedding – And Some Not to

The beauty of planning a wedding in this day and age is that the happy couple gets to choose which traditions to keep and which to do away with. But which practices should you keep and which can be dropped? While you have so much room to infuse your wedding with new and creative ideas, there are some traditional practices your mother and grandmother probably had in their wedding that you’ll want to keep. The wedding experts at Conklyn’s Weddings are here to help you know what’s best to keep and what’s okay (or maybe even encouraged!) to let go. 

Vintage Wedding Dress

Do Wear a White Dress / Don’t Do a Garter Toss 

Just like your grandmother probably wore, white wedding dresses are still in style. While the styles can vary drastically today, there’s still only going to be one person wearing a white dress at a wedding! We definitely suggest sticking with this tradition (or choosing something close like a candlelight or champagne hue) for your dress. However, the practice of removing the bride’s garter and tossing to the gentleman has seen its day. This is mainly due to the fact that women don’t actually wear garters anymore. Trust us- even your grandmother isn’t going to miss this little gem of times gone by.

Bouquet of flowers tossed into the air

Do Toss the Bouquet /Don’t Throw Rice 

There’s still something exciting and fun about a bride tossing a bouquet- and effectively passing the torch to the next single lady- that everyone loves at weddings. Even though few girls still believe it means they’ll be the next bride, it’s still a chance to gather all the girls at the wedding for a great photo op. However, please don’t ask guests to throw rice anymore when you and your partner leave the reception. We’ve long known how harmful rice can be for birds and other nearby wildlife, so have guests blow bubbles or wave sparklers instead. These alternatives are already becoming popular enough to be seen as a new tradition themselves.

Do Have a Rehearsal Dinner /Don’t Let Dad Pay

The pomp and circumstance of events surrounding your actual wedding, like a rehearsal dinner, are still very much a thing. A traditional rehearsal dinner includes only the wedding party and parents. However, today many relatives travel from out of town to attend the wedding, and couples’ families often don’t meet each other until the wedding event. So a rehearsal dinner is a great chance to let both families meet before the big day, then they can feel familiar with each other at the wedding ceremony and reception. However, unless he offers to do so, it’s no longer general practice for fathers to pay for the entire wedding. Many couples are marrying at an older age than back in your grandmother’s day, and many have their own income now. Be prepared and budget ahead to assert the independence you’re already enjoying and pay for the wedding you’ve been dreaming of. 

Do Cut the Cake Together /Don’t Have a 3-Tiered White Cake 

The cake cutting is still a mini-event at every wedding reception. It makes for great photos and symbolizes the couple celebrating the beginning of their life together. Plus, who doesn’t want cake at a celebration? However, we guarantee the wedding cakes that were available when your grandmother planned her wedding were not tasty. Today, it’s okay- and even encouraged- to choose a delicious cake you’ll both love. You can also skip the towering three-tiered construction project and instead offer your guests something more personal to you: a donut cake, cupcakes, or even a non-cake like pie or a dessert bar! Whatever you offer your guests, be sure you and your sweetie get a taste first and make a big show of it. 

It can be tricky to decide which traditions to keep and which to toss when planning a more modern wedding. Your family, or your partner’s family, may have specific wedding traditions they hope to see continue with your wedding. Talk to them about what needs to remain, then talk to the professionals at Conklyn’s Weddings about what you’d like to see- and not see- at your wedding. We’re here to help you create your dream wedding and we’ll walk you through it step by step.