Your New Year's Eve Engagement! Now What?

new year's eve engagementGetting engaged as the ball drops for the New Year is a romantic gesture that will be sure to make this year a memorable one. For most couples, getting engaged is one of the most exciting days of their lives thus far. it is the opportunity to declare their intention to spend the rest of their lives with this special persona who has swept them off their feet.

Many couples enjoy the wedding planning process when they take the time to slow down and reduce the pressure they put on themselves. Couples know that they need to plan venues, food dresses and decorations. One of the most important decorations they will choose, however, is the flowers.

The importance of flowers

Flowers are an important part of any wedding celebration. They offer light and joy. They help to set the atmosphere of the room and create beautifully colored accents. They are often a symbol of life, which is an excellent one to shine through at a wedding. For those who are not florists, however, selecting the right flower can seem overwhelming. There are countless different varieties in nearly every color. Fortunately, there are a few tips that people can use to make the right choice.

Consider the atmosphere

Couples should think about the type of mood they want to create at their wedding. Those who to create a formal atmosphere might consider using deep reds, such as those in a rose. Others might want to create a lighter atmosphere, such as for an outdoor summer wedding. Pastels and light colors such as pinks and purples can be fantastic for this idea. These flowers can be roses as well, for those who like the simple beauty of this well-known flower.

Think about the season

For many, choosing flowers that are in season is important. This system can help couples control some of the costs associated with the wedding. It can also be more environmentally friendly. For example, sunflowers are great flowers for summer and early fall. They add a vibrant burst of color and are wonderful additions to any wedding.

Think about personality

Some couples want to go with traditional wedding flowers, such as roses and orchids. Others might want to let their personality shine through with lilies or sunflowers. Couples should discuss how they want their flowers to express their taste.

Selecting the right flowers for the wedding can help put the finishing touches on the perfect wedding day. At Conklyns, we are always ready to help you find the perfect flowers to create a beautiful backdrop for the big day.