Sweet-Smelling Wedding Blooms

Incorporating flowers into your wedding day is a no-brainer. Including fragrant flowers might be a little more tricky, but the floral experts at Conklyn’s Weddings have some great ideas to help you include some of the most fragrant and beautiful blooms on your wedding day.

Roses: A classic option that can be a beautiful reminder in the future of this beautiful day, roses will lend a familiarity and beauty to your wedding day with their recognizable fragrance.

Lavender: Include this bloom with calming properties in your bridal bouquet to bring a sense of peace to you and your bridesmaids during your big day. Stress and anxiety can run high on wedding days. Let a touch of lavender bring you back to center again.

Hyacinth: The fresh perfume in this sweet, colorful bloom makes a delightful centerpiece in any room. Showy blooms and fragrant aromas will be pleasing to all of your friends and family.

Peonies: These bright, full blooms are as aromatic as they are beautiful. Opt for gorgeous bouquets and corsages filled with peonies for an overall delightful fragrance you’ll remember fondly.

Freesia: This perfumed bloom is a perfect boutonniere for grooms and groomsmen. With a bit of a wildflower appearance and a light, summery scent, a bit of freesia in buttonholes will bring a tasteful look to any wedding day.

Make sure your wedding day smells as beautiful as it looks. Incorporate gorgeous fragrant blooms in your bouquets, corsages and centerpieces. Your guests will delight at the beautiful fragrance and lovely appearance of these flowers. Talk to the floral designers at Conklyn’s Weddings about more great ways to include fragrant blooms in your wedding day.