The Best Elopement Flowers

While wedding flowers are a must for most traditional weddings, elopements can create a lot of questions: which flowers are appropriate? Where to find flowers? Should I use flowers at all? The designers at Conklyn’s Weddings feel you absolutely should include flowers in your ceremony, and we have some tips to consider when eloping.

Setting Whether your off on a destination wedding or keeping things simple with a courthouse affair, be sure your flowers reflect your surroundings. A tropical bouquet is perfect for a beach wedding, while wildflowers fit right in when you profess your vows in a forest or meadow.

Seasonality Be mindful of which season it will be when you get married. Darker, more intense flowers will look amazing during cooler months, while light and bright blooms are an excellent choice for spring and summer.

Preference Let the decision about which flowers to include be yours and yours alone. You and your new spouse are creating a new life together, and the decisions you make for your wedding will be lasting ones.

Size Keep things simple by choosing a compact design with readily-available blooms that your florist can create on short notice. Something hand-held will be the perfect accent without overwhelming you and your partner.

Elopements can be a fun, economical way to tie the knot without a lot of commotion. There are tons of chic, trendy ways to make an elopement all your own, and the flowers you choose are one of them. Talk to the floral experts at Conklyn’s Weddings about your plans and let us help you create the day of your dreams.