Think Of Wedding Roses In a New Way

When it comes to wedding planning, we all want to create beautiful details that will define and reflect who we are as individuals and as a couple coming together. While it can be very easy to think of roses as overly traditional or cliche, they can also add a beauty to the uniqueness that connects us to our family, our past and our future. The floral designers at Conklyn’s Weddings are all about including roses in your summer wedding. Here are a few great reasons to rethink roses.

Roses Will Still Look Great In the Heat

For a summer wedding, you’ll need flowers that can handle the heat and humidity all day long. Unlike more delicate blooms, roses are happy with the heat and durable enough to stay pretty throughout the day. Plus, their vast array of colors and varieties means you can get very creative with how you include them in your bouquet.

Roses Will Not Break Your Budget

Due to their availability, especially in summer, roses are a very cost-effective choice of wedding flowers. The design possibilities are endless, as well. Choose a round bouquet full of only roses, or accent just a few bright blooms with smaller flowers and foliage to fill out your bouquet.


Roses Will Connect You To Marriages Past, Present and Future

Though traditional elements may not be your personal vibe when planning your wedding, consider including something as timeless and classic as roses to connect your special day to the generations before and after yours. Maybe a favorite aunt or grandmother carried roses on her wedding day as well. Maybe it will become a tradition you pass down to your own children and grandchildren. Roses are a beautiful way to keep those connections alive.

As you plan your summer wedding, be open to the idea of including roses in new, fresh designs for your wedding bouquet and other florals. The floral designers at Conklyn’s Weddings will be happy to talk with you about your ideas and help you make this day the most beautiful ever.

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