5 Easy Ways To Use Plants In Weddings

Using beautiful plants in lieu of flowers (or alongside your blooms!) is an easy and affordable way to style your wedding. Plants are making a comeback as a timeless way to freshen any scene. Using them in your wedding will allow you to keep and plant much of your wedding decor, making it more of an investment than an expense. Plus, your wedding can take on a rustic, romantic or eco-friendly vibe with plants, depending on which types you choose. The floral designers at Conklyn’s Weddings comprised a list of how you can easily incorporate fresh foliage into your wedding day.

Potted Plants or Trees Along Aisles Pots of differing sizes filled with lush plants, leafy herbs or even small trees (think olive trees) make a beautiful walkway to resemble a garden path.

Vines On A Trellis or Frame Big or small, vines will give your wedding a natural flair like nothing else. Place vines with small leaves on tabletops, or choose larger varieties for a trellis or archway.

Succulents As Favors Give succulents in small clay pots as wedding favors. Guests will love the variety of offerings. And, succulents are easy to care for, even if guests don’t have a green thumb.

Herbs/Cacti As Centerpieces Rather than expensive gatherings of cut flowers, choose cacti or fragrant herbs for your table centerpieces. Add a few candles for an earthy glow.

Hanging Plants Walking beneath a beautiful display of hanging plants will not only give your wedding a three-dimensional shape, it will lend an enchanted, fairytale feel to your special day.

Including plants in your wedding decor has never been easier! Talk to the design experts at Conklyn’s Weddings to learn more ways to decorate with herbs, succulents, vines and more. The possibilities are endless and we’re happy to help you make your wedding day magical.