Include Something Blue For Your Wedding

If you’ve ever been involved in a wedding, you’re familiar with the phrase, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” These good-luck charms are less about a successful wedding or marriage, and more about tokens of love and joy from friends and relatives. Mothers, sisters, and bridesmaids might share a sweet gift as the bride walks down the aisle, symbolizing one of these traditional charms. Something old lends itself to continuity through the ages, something new offers optimism for the future. Something borrowed was meant to bring good luck- borrow from someone who is prospering in life so a little of their good fortune rubs off on you! And something blue is included because the color blue symbolizes love, purity and fidelity. 

Including blue in your wedding can be accomplished in plenty of creative ways: blue hair or manicures, cute blue shoes or a piece of special jewelry all count. At Conklyn’s Weddings, we love to see blue flowers highlight your bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres. Include blue as part of your main color palette or add in as a simple accent.  Either way, you can be sure this wedding tradition will look fabulous on your big day. 


Shades of blue in our Nantucket Dreams bouquet lend depth to the peach roses and creamy white roses and lilies. Let blue underscore your wedding colors when a touch is layered into your main color scheme like this. 


Our country-inspired Lady Grace Bouquet features soft baby blue hydrangea and limonium peeking out from among a globe of creamy white roses and mini calla lilies. Elegant and full of charm, this piece includes blue as a tasteful secondary color in the wedding palette.











Centerpieces become breathtaking when featuring blue flowers. Check out these beautiful water-inspired designs that bring a bit of blue into the mix.









For just a touch of blue to pay homage to age-old traditions, consider including this calming shade in boutonnières and corsages. Let your special guests, groomsmen and even the groom himself be your good luck charm on your big day.




Striking a balance between tradition and contemporaries style can be a challenge for any bride. But, finding that balance in creative ways is well worth the effort. For more great ideas about how to incorporate more blue into your wedding day look, talk to the floral designers at Conklyn’s Weddings. We’re happy to hear about your plans so far and offer insightful, creative options you’ll love. We’ll make sure you wedding day, with something old and new, borrowed and blue, is truly something beautiful.