How to Create a Magical Virtual Wedding

Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we find the need to stay remote in our interactions, even with the friends and family members who are closest to us. One event in which we feel this most is a wedding ceremony and reception. While we want to include everyone we love, there are times when this simply isn’t possible. In that case, there are a few great ways to include these individuals even though you’re not able to be with them in person. The wedding professionals at Conklyn’s Weddings have some excellent points to remember as you plan your remote virtual wedding. 

How to Stage Your Virtual Wedding

Since this wedding will be on camera, it’s important to get the staging just right. Think about how to include proper lighting as well as clean, crisp backdrops. You may want to create a specific look for your backdrop with flowers and small twinkle lights, or you may choose to have a plain wall free of extra decor. Either way, be sure the area is clean, fresh, and exactly how you’d like it to appear. A few trial runs with the camera trained on your altar area will help you make appropriate adjustments. All experts agree that good lighting is essential, and natural lighting is best. If you can face a window that washes you in sunlight or outdoor ambiance, this will most likely be your best look. Play with times of day, overhead lights versus outdoor light, and artificial mood lighting like candles and small twinkle lights to see what will work best for you. 

Boho Bouquet

Boho Bouquet

What to Include in Your Virtual Wedding

Even though you’ll be cutting a few things to do a virtual wedding, there are still plenty of accents and details you’ll want to include. Being dressed up in your wedding gown and his tuxedo or suit are essential. So are flowers. The sense of tradition and symbolism cannot be emphasized enough during such an alternative event. Be sure to display your chosen blooms in view of the camera and carry the bouquet you’ve always dreamed of. A photographer and videographer will be essential in capturing the live version of your ceremony, so be sure they’re you can secure a professional for your special day. You may consider having everyone who joins you on Zoom or Facebook Live celebrate with a champagne toast once the ceremony is finished. If so, be sure to mention this and any other special needs on your invitation so guests are prepared. Finally, one suggestion that might just suit your needs is to schedule individual face time with guests after the ceremony. You can do this through zoom, Facebook Live or FaceTime, but be sure to have it ready in advance so you can quickly meet with loved ones and share this special moment with them. 

What to Exclude from Your Virtual Wedding

With a virtual wedding, several essentials for a traditional wedding can go by the wayside. For instance, you no longer have to think about serving food or having a DJ. You will probably opt out of having a wedding party, and you may think about downsizing your wedding cake to something big enough for just the two of you. While all of this may sound discouraging, focus on the money you’ll be saving! Also, consider planning a reception or celebration of similar capacities once you and your loved ones are able to come together again in the future. 

While a virtual wedding may not be the ideal you’ve been dreaming of since childhood, it might just be the vehicle in which you can get married when you choose and still include the people closest to you. If you’d like more ideas and information about how to pull off a magical virtual wedding, talk to the experts at Conklyn’s Weddings. We’re here to make your big day as special and unique as you are. Talk to us about your ideas and let us help you create the perfect wedding for you and your partner.