Big Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

When you pictured your dream wedding, have you always imagined a room full of everyone you’ve ever met? Luxury and extravagance everywhere you look? As you begin to plan your actual wedding, you may start to realize for a number of reasons that going small instead of extravagant has its perks. Of course there is a lot of money to be saved by keeping things small. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the special touches that define your wedding day. In fact, at Conklyn’s Weddings, we think you’ll find that creativity can bloom even more when you eliminate some of the non-essentials and have the space to focus on the details. Here are some of our favorite reasons to think about keeping the guest list short. 

Less People Means More Creativity

With fewer guests at your wedding, you can be more creative with the details. For example, you can serve your favorite ethnic food, or even have your reception in your favorite restaurant. Gathering just a few key people together may mean having the destination wedding of your dreams. You can be more elaborate with flowers and other decor, or choose your favorite bloom, even if it’s on the pricier side. Instead of the standard DJ, you and your partner can opt for a fun swing band or a steel drum band for a reggae vibe. The options for space, time and cost become so much more available when you consider a smaller number of total people involved. 

Wedding Table Arrangement

Less People Means More Personal Touches

Since there will be fewer people in total, you can revel in the details of creating your unique wedding day. Favors for guests, food options, drink choices and entertainment can be personalized just for them. You can be more creative about the venues of your ceremony and reception. For instance, a quaint museum wedding or small gathering in a nearby park might not be possible with large groups of people. You’ll also find that in lieu of a long, impersonal receiving line, you and your partner will have the chance to actually spend time with each of the guests and enjoy their company. Your wedding day won’t be the blur than many brides describe after the event. Your friends and family will get to enjoy one another as well, leaving everyone feeling much more part of the big day. 

Less People Means Less Drama

Small weddings are not just more cost effective. They’re also much easier to plan with far fewer headaches. Last-minute changes that could seemingly ruin a larger event are no big deal with fewer people. For example, moving 20 people indoors because of rain is nothing compared to moving 200 people. Plus, being surrounded by only those closest to you means you can relax the strict rules of etiquette often associated with weddings. Instead of a best man toast, each guest might take a turn toasting the happy couple! Also, explaining why someone didn’t get invited seems far easier and much less personal when most people you know didn’t get invited. 

If you and your partner are considering a smaller, more intimate wedding, there are definitely plenty of things to consider. But you just might find that you have a better time, with more memories, when you keep it simple and small. If this is something you’re considering, bring your thoughts and ideas to the wedding professionals at Conklyn’s Weddings. We will love to talk about how to design the perfect intimate wedding you’ll never forget.