Trendy Wedding Florals for Late 2020

A lot has changed in our world in the past six months, throwing plans for weddings and other events for a loop. Looking ahead to the last half of 2020, it’s time to start putting plans in place. If you’re engaged, that means beginning to make some decisions about your upcoming wedding. Here, the wedding experts at Conklyn’s Weddings share some fun floral trends we’re expecting to see in the latter half of the year. Find one or more you love and incorporate it into your wedding, or get inspired for your own creation!

Minimalist and Eco-Friendly Floral Designs

A huge trend right now is to take eco-friendly measures to ensure an environmentally-sound event. Upcycle your ceremony flowers to be displayed at your reception, maintaining continuity while minimizing cost and volume of blooms. A similar trend is a minimalist approach, which many couples achieve with eggshell or alabaster white blooms and deep green foliage like ferns or eucalyptus. Also consider encouraging earth-consciousness in your guests with succulents or seed packets as favors. 


The on-trend flower of the year is the dahlia, and it’s easy to see why. With frothy petals, tons of flair, and a wide variety of colors- including alabaster white and deep intriguing colors. Representing strength, kindness and loyalty, these beauties say what you feel and stand out in any bouquet. Their fullness and reliability make them a perfect choice for your bridal bouquet as well as your centerpieces or other larger arrangements. 

Flowers in a Dark Color Palette

The darker shades of dahlias will fit right in with this year’s look. Rich, deep colors and bright, light accents are all the rage as we move into late summer and fall this year. Think of pairing golden or mustard yellows with faded denim blues or not quite pink, not quite purple cassis. 

Neo-mint and all shades of blue are making a hit this year, too! 

Edible Flowers

Create a few uniquely on-trend touches to your wedding day with edible flowers. These can be sprinkled on desserts (or adorning your wedding cake), tossed into eye-catching salads, or even frozen inside ice cubes for a cool look and fresh flavor. Be ready for plenty of “ooos ” and “ahhs” when you make edible flowers part of your festivities. 

Floral Installations

Make a statement with over-the-top floral installations like hanging flowers, floral archways and lush artistic designs like a floral hoop or floral wave. These gorgeous, enormous pieces are structures that add multi-dimensional decor that will enhance your entire day. Place your installation at the ceremony altar, as an archway for guests to walk beneath or as a beautiful structure for photos and to define space. 

Dried Flowers

Incorporate dried flowers in a trendy way with by pressing them onto your invitations and programs, or use loose pieces of dried flowers as confetti as you recess from the wedding ceremony. Alternatively, fill sachets with an updated version of potpourri as favors for guests.

Spray-Painted Greens and Blooms

A bright, colorful trend that will inspire fun and cheerfulness at your wedding is to spray-paint the greenery with fun neon hues, frosted pastel shades or shimmering metallics. Stay in keeping with your wedding colors, but feel free to get creative with the ferns and other foliage in your wedding bouquets and arrangements. Some brides are even planning to dip-dye their flower petals to create a new look with tons of impact. 

Choosing to replace wedding traditions with interesting, modern trends is a personal decision you and your partner should not make lightly. You may not want to use all of these trends, but just a select few that catch your eye and fit with your other plans. Whatever you decide, be sure to tell our wedding professionals at Conklyn’s Weddings all about it. We want to do everything we can to help you create the perfect wedding day in 2020.