Why Ranunculus Are Great Wedding Flowers

If you’re considering using ranunculus flowers in your wedding decor, you’re in good company. This very popular wedding flower has been accenting weddings for centuries and it’s easy to see why. Frilly, tissue-paper-thin petals in soft peaches and blushing pinks, or deeper oranges, bold reds and sunny yellows, bring a certain level of romance to any scene they grace. Here at Conklyn’s Weddings, we’re excited to show you the ins and outs of using ranunculus effectively and beautifully at your wedding ceremony and reception. 

Why You’ll Love Ranunculus

These amazingly versatile flowers can stand alone, accent other gorgeous blooms in a mixed bouquet, or easily take center stage. Often referred to as buttercups, ranunculus are actually cousins to peonies and anemones, which also look fantastic in wedding day festivities! Whimsically loose stems can be attached to a wire for easy manipulation, allowing you to twist and curve your blooms into the arrangement you want. Throughout history, ranunculus have been symbolic of charm and wit- excellent qualities to honor on your wedding day. As if that’s not enough, these fabulous little cuties are available all year long, which means they’ll be available and affordable no matter which season you choose for your wedding. 

How to Infuse Your Wedding Day with Ranunculus

Ranunculus can be used in multiple ways throughout your wedding day decor. Obviously, if you’re choosing these flowers for your main decor, you’ll include them in your bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets, but they can also make beautiful hair pieces. Consider ranunculus flowers as accents to a low bun or other sophisticated up-do, or adorn your flower girl with a ranunculus crown as she scatters petals down the aisle. Stand-alone blooms with a single fern leaf makes a stunning boutonniere, or use them as accents in photos of wedding items, like your program, rings, shoes, or cake. (Pro tip: give a few extra blooms to the photographer for her to stage with still shots as she shoots your wedding.) 

Where to Place Ranunculus Throughout Your Wedding Day

Add a variety of ranunculus in your wedding colors (or versions of your wedding colors) everywhere you look at your ceremony and reception. Place on and around your wedding cake, and let your centerpieces echo the beauty of your bridal bouquet with similar blooms and greenery, either in vases or as garland down a long, picnic-style table. Set individual stems in small vases along with place cards or table numbers. Hang entire ranunculus garlands on your altar archway or line the wedding aisle with ranunculus garlands. There are so many beautiful areas to include flowers as decor; if you’re choosing ranunculus as your featured flower, why not ensure these are the blooms spotted everywhere on your wedding day?

While there may not actually be such a thing as the “perfect” flower, ranunculus just might come close. Bring these bright, unassuming blooms to the party and enjoy their beauty and style all day long on your wedding day. If you’re interested in choosing ranunculus as your featured wedding flower, talk to the experts at Conklyn’s Weddings to learn more about the best ways to do so. We’re here to help you create the wedding of your dreams, and ranunculus just might be the start to the perfect day.