How to Create A Wedding Website

One of the most efficient ways to keep track of your wedding communication as you plan the big day is a wedding website. While it’s not essential to create a website, it’s certainly much easier to provide relevant information all in one place for wedding guests and participants. You’ll also find this is a wonderful way to keep track of information you’ll need, like the guest list, addresses, and phone numbers. Plus you can personalize your page to give your guests a glimpse of who you are together as a couple and what they can expect at your wedding. Even if you’re slightly technologically-challenged and the idea of a website sounds complicated, fear not. The wedding experts at Conklyn’s Weddings are here to show you how simple and straightforward setting up a wedding website can be. To us, the benefits of a wedding website make this option an excellent tool for wedding planning!

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What You’ll Need – The Basics

To begin a wedding website, you’ll only need a basic bit of information: your names and wedding date are enough for now. You can establish a save-the-date page for guests to view immediately, then add information to your site as you go. Think primarily about the essential information guests will need for attending the wedding: date and time, location, dress code, wedding registry, hotel reservation info, and your RSVP date. You can also use your website to gather the information you need from guests: physical addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, food allergies, and anything else you’ll want to know as you plan. 

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What You’ll Want – Personal Information

Once you get comfortable with the format of your wedding website, you may choose to add some extras to personalize your site. Include photos of the two of you together, maybe even a sort of timeline from the early days of your relationship up to your engagement photos. Think about including photos and a short bio for each of your wedding attendants. Guests will love feeling connected to the wedding party once they arrive in person. Many sites have the option to include your wedding playlist (or just a few favorite songs that represent your relationship), some photos of the wedding venue, or a sneak peek at the colors, flowers, and wedding cake. But don’t give away all your secrets! You want to save a few surprises for the big day itself. The idea is to simply create the vibe your guests can expect as they prepare to attend your best day. 

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What You’ll Love – Easy, Original, Informative

There are many sites out there that provide free wedding websites and don’t skimp on the options. You’ll be able to customize your page in the colors and theme of your wedding, with all the essential details (plus a few extras usually). Whether you’re an ultra-organized bride or need some assistance keeping it all straight, you’ll find a wedding website takes the burden of wedding organization off your shoulders and allows you to focus on your creative decision-making. Another little “plus” you’ll discover after the wedding is that you have everything you need for thank-you cards and even the start of a holiday card list during the next holiday season. 

Even if you don’t consider yourself a tech-savvy bride, you’ll still find most wedding websites super user-friendly and incredibly efficient when it comes to organization. With so many details at your fingertips, you’ll find communicating with guests and wedding party members much easier, and you’ll be answering a lot of guests’ most frequently asked questions all at once before they start contacting you as you’re in the midst of wedding prep. Stay connected with your friends and family during such a special, busy time with a wedding website. With these tips provided by the wedding professionals at Conklyn’s Weddings, you’ll find your entire wedding planning experience to be less stressful, more creative, and far more streamlined. Ask us for more details about our favorite wedding websites and let the good people at Conklyn’s Weddings help you enjoy the journey AND the destination.