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New Blooms, New Life

When planning a spring wedding, it’s an exciting opportunity to reflect on the beauty and essence of the season. This is a fabulous time to celebrate rebirth and new life as well as your fresh beginning together. There are plenty of fresh florals available in the springtime. Conklyn’s Weddings are highlighting three specific ones that […]

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Floral Wedding Installations That Will Take Your Breath Away

Floral installations are the hottest trend in weddings this year. If you choose to have one at your wedding, these beautiful structures are a great alternative to the traditional trellis or archway at the altar of the wedding ceremony. Show off your creative or artistic side with a gorgeous sculpture. The floral designers at Conklyn […]

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Coral Wedding Bouquets

The brightest new color on trend in 2019 is Living Coral. Be ready to see this warm, enticing shade everywhere you look this year, including weddings! This animated and life-affirming color will bring a modern touch to your traditional nuptials, tying generations together and showcasing this moment in time. The floral designers at Conklyn’s Weddings […]

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Spectacular Wedding Signage

Sign us up for this trend. You may have noticed that wedding signage is bigger than ever (literally). Brides and grooms are balancing large placards on easels, hanging up enormous chalkboards and otherwise positioning unmissable signage throughout their ceremony and reception areas. These boards are often practical, spelling out seating arrangements or pointing guests to […]

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