Your Wedding Planning Strategy

Congratulations! You’ve just become engaged and are basking in the glow of being in love forever. Pretty soon you’ll be ready to start planning the magical day in which you both say “I Do,” and you’re going to want to be ready. If you’ve never been involved in planning a wedding, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why the experts at Conklyn’s Weddings have compiled this outline to help you know where to start, what to prioritize, and what to include before the big day arrives.

Start Here

Whatever you decide first, everyone- and we mean EVERYONE- will want, and need, to know your wedding date. This is not just about letting Aunt Mabel write the big day on her calendar. You cannot hire photographers, caterers, DJs or florists unless you can give them a specific date. Usually, your venue will be your biggest single expense, so it’s wise to start with this. Once you know your date and venue, you have ample information to give other vendors, plus you can begin to think about your theme and other details.

Some Things to Prioritize

Be sure you know your budget before setting any details in stone. This will very much help you stay organized and plan ahead. Any vendor that needs to be secured early, especially with a down payment, should be prioritized. After that, set appointments early for anything the week of the wedding, like manicures, salon visits and tuxedo fittings. Decide which other aspects of your wedding will be most important to you and your fiancé, and prioritize these things next. This should include any specialty items or unique true-to-you touches that will make your wedding “yours.” For example, if you need to have cupcakes served from that little bakery he took you on your first date, be sure to call them early and make plans from the start. If, however, dessert is not a super-specific element of your big day, then a cake or other desserts can be secured closer to the wedding date itself.

Things that Can Wait

While it’s smart to think about your menu, dessert, and decorations early, these things can usually be booked closer to the actual wedding date. Clothing accessories can be bought within a month or two, as well, so hold off on anything but the dress until later. You can also postpone choosing wedding music, a reception playlist, and fun reception details (like a photo booth or candy station) until closer to the date, as well. Remember that, with a little organization, everything will get done, and not everything can be accomplished on Day One. 

No matter what elements you include or choose to exclude from your wedding, your day is still going to be special because it’s YOUR day. Keep each other in check, recruit help when needed, and get organized early. While wedding planning can be a lot of work, it’s also incredibly rewarding to see everything come together. When you and your partner can work together to plan the day of your dreams, you know you’ve found a keeper. At Conklyn’s Weddings, we think that’s the most important part! Talk to us about your big plans and let us help you design the day you’ve been waiting for.