Tips for Elevating Your Small Wedding

While traditional thought might bring to mind a long guest list with all the customary, yet surfacy, accouterments, a small wedding allows for more creativity, both financially and tactically. If you’re considering a wedding on a smaller side, here are some amazing benefits of having fewer guests and therefore fewer expenses, from the wedding experts at Conklyn’s Weddings. So much more can be accomplished when you scale back…and that can be a very good thing, indeed. 

Unique Venues

With fewer guests, wedding party members and overall hoop-la, the possibilities of unique wedding venues can blow wide open. Suddenly destination weddings become an option (and not just abroad- maybe you want to take your small but significant circle to a fantastic domestic locale you and your partner love, like New Orleans for music, New England for the autumn leaves, or San Francisco for the style!). This is much easier when you’re inviting 20 instead of 200 individuals to join you. A small wedding party and guest list can also make a city hall wedding adorable, with a fantastic reception to follow. Consider the possibilities that will open up to you when you downsize and watch for opportunity to start knocking. 

Personalized Details

Family BW photos

There are many details that must be foregone when planning a larger wedding. For example, personalized wedding invitations must be replaced with standard print versions when dealing with a larger guest list. Specialized dishes and flatware- even family heirlooms- are set aside to make room for the caterer’s basic white, and customized seating is usually set aside for the traditional two sections with an aisle in between. But with fewer people on the guest list, so much creativity can be put into the details that you’ll find your wedding far more personal and specific to you and your partner. Guests can take turns toasting you, you can get photos with every individual in attendance, the menu will match your first date, and the cocktails will include your dad’s favorite version of an old fashioned. Details matter, and with a small wedding, you can include far more of them.

More Elaborate Decor

Wedding Table Arrangement

When you choose to have a smaller wedding, more attention and wedding budget can be given to the decor. Get elaborate with your centerpieces, especially when you’ll only have a few. Include your favorite dessert, even if it’s macarons instead of cake. Choose your favorite flowers, even if they’re not in bloom, and cover your ceremony with them in your favorite colors. Floral installations, hanging plants and a mesmerizing garden of greenery can be created for the select few you’ve included at your ceremony and reception. Embrace the sense of moderation and simplicity and discover a whole different side of weddings that can make for a beautiful day. 

Whether you’re seeking to pinch a few pennies or spare your outer-circle friends the awkwardness of a family affair, it’s okay to choose a smaller wedding. In fact, you’ll find that once you’ve embraced this idea, you’ll discover so many ways to exercise your creativity and include things special only to you and your partner on your most special day. For more great ideas about how to pull off a small wedding with style and grace, talk to the wedding professionals at Conklyn’s Weddings. We’re happy to help you discover all the ways you can fall in love with your best day.